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  • Alcohol Free Perth Skyshow
    By on January 27th, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments

    The fact that less people rocked up at the foreshores of Perth for this year’s Skyshow was probably one of the main reasons why there was less trouble. As police roamed in packs of six telling families, who were quietly having a drink, to pour them out was so sad. After viewing “They’re a Weird Mob” before heading down to the foreshore that whole being “Australian” was lost. Surely if we are to celebrate our nation, and all that it represents, our citizens should have the right to enjoy a beer!

    I hate louts just as much as the next person, but a louts a lout and if they can’t drink alcohol on the foreshore they will just go and get drunk somewhere else before starting trouble (as was seen last night). I found it more offensive for people blowing their cigarette smoke than the people next to us being surrounded by six policemen as they supervised them pouring out their beers. What a damn shame. These are good law abiding citizens made to feel bad about about having a drink! The irony was, as they were doing this, you could hear Susanna Carr onĀ  Mix 94FM saying ‘so far the alcohol ban has not been enforced.’

    Don’t get me wrong I have attended just about every Skyshow and have always admired the role of police. But when they are forced to concentrate on menial tasks, the real issues are ignored. How many people were riding bikes there without helmets? How many people let off flares? Where were the police as drunk young people poured out of the hotels? Where was the RBT lock down they were so proud about in Northbridge? Why don’t we leave events to organisers and stop letting the police run the show. Hmm and lets not forget, was the Lord Mayor and all the politicians able to have a few sips of the Chardonnay in their special VIP area? Maybe we should ban them as well and then we will see how fast the laws change back!